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MA100 & MA200 – STANDARD


MA100 & MA200- series sensors is suitable for use in industrial applications.

The series consists of incremental encoders with a resolution between 1-5000 pulses per revolution. Mechanical mounting and electrical interfaces correspond to industrial standards.

When a hollow shaft mounting is preferred should the MA200 Series be selected. The advantage is that the hollow shaft mounting permit external loads on the transducer shaft to be is minimized, resulting in a prolonged service life of the encoder. Moreover, often simplified installation occure because the encoder “ride” on the motor shaft. No further mechanics are needed to “hold” the encoder.

Often may installation time be reduced and costs much lower copared with tradiontional mounting procedures as when shaft encoders are used.

Both sensor series can be used for speed feedback, relative positioning or lengthmeasurement. If you want a customization of any properties of the models possess? Then you’ve come to the right company. We want the encoder must be optimized for your application!

All products in the encoder series is UL listed and bare the CE-mark.

  • Industrial automation
  • Packaging machines
  • Elevator & Lift systems



The brand new MA400-Series is a line of incremental and absolute encoders tailored to suit the demands of the off-shore industry. This sturdy encoder is enclosed in an AISI316 stainless steel housing which permits the encoder to be used in real demanding environments.

Open pit or underground mines, harbor cranes and other applications where large drive systems/motors is used was the primary application segments for which the series is designed.

The mechanical interface of the encoder is compatible with old tachometer interfaces. A B10 mounting flange, ø11mm shaft with key-way, has often been the interface used on tachometers. The new MA400-Series of encoders may therefore be used as an alternative when modernizing older motors and/or upgrading its control/drive system.

We are also proud to introduce the option of utilizing absolute positioning capabilities on the MA400-series.
With a high resolution single turn (up to 16 bit resolution) or multi turn encoder (up to 16 bit turn count) the series may be used in completely new areas compared with previous EMETA’s products.

To transmit absolute encoder data is either a serial point to point interface like SSI or fieldbus communication protocols such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET supported. This enables the series to be fully compatible with most PLC and drives manufacturers interfaces currently available on the market. For mobile machinery applications is CAN-based interfaces like CANOpen also available.

  • Wind turbines
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Off shore industry
  • Marine applications



When space is limited is MA500 Series the right choice!

MA500 Series consists of incremental encoder for speed control and positioning applications. Although the outer diameter is limited to 30mm the series reach extremely robust performances.

Reference applications for this type of sensor can be founda in areas with servere vibration and harsh environments. Since decades the products has been used in mobile equipment such as harvester heads and forwarders within the forest industry.

All products in the encoder series are UL listed and CE -marked.

  • Forrest industry
  • Space limited applications