Product news, Incremental encoder with mechanical overspeed unit!

EMETA is proud to announce its latest addition to our popular MA400-family. The new feature consists of a combined incremental encoder with integrated mechanical overspeed monitor.

MA450, as the new model is called, consists of two separate units integrated in one and the same rugged AISI 316 stainless steel enclosure with encapsulation class IP67. Partly it includes an incremental encoder with high resolutions, but also the mechanical speed detection unit.

Modern motion control applications often require an incremental encoder for feedback of speed or velocity information used on large motors or generators. In many applications, such as main engines in steelworks, hoisting motors on harbor cranes and the like, also requires a separate redundant mechanical speed monitoring device for safety reasons. To protect machinery failing but equally to prevent dangerous faults cases to arise. For all such applications is the MA450 Series absolutely a perfect product!

The new encoder solution with integrated mechanical speed monitor, is based on proven technology. By the use of a normally closed contacts which open and close at a pre-defined speed value, ensures that the surveillance system or the external brakes can rely on redundant information from the sensor unit. The speed monitor can break up to 3A at 230V and be used at speeds up to 4000 rpm.

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