Emeta will be closed for business week 29-30

Open week 31 with limited staffing.

We would like to thank all of our distributors and customers around the world for your partnership. Emeta Encoders AB will be closed week 29 & 30. We will be open week 31 with limited staffing.

Emeta Encoders would like to thank all of our distributors and customers for a fantastic 2021!

2021 has been a good year considering the effects in the wake of the pandemic. Emeta continues to grow and we are constantly developing our encoder-series.

During the hollidays we will be open for business with limited staffing. No deliveries will be made from December 24 of until January 3, 2022.

We wish you a merry christmas!

We want to start by thanking all our distributors around the world for the hard work you put in! You do an excellent job every day to market Emeta’s product lines. A big thank you also to all our loyal customers and their trust in Emeta Encoders! The demanding times we still face with Covid 19 are starting to look brighter. Our sales in 2021 exceed our expectations and we look even more positive for the future. Emeta will be closed between week 29 and 30. Week 31 we have limited staffing.

We wish you all a pleasant summer!

As no one has escaped, this year has been demanding due to Covid 19. A major change has taken place for everyone as a result. Now we look ahead and look forward to 2021 and a healthy year for all.

At Emeta, we this year launched a completely new product series that spins on our popular MA400 series. We have developed our relationships and plan for the future are at play where we see an exciting development. Next year we will move to a new premises with even greater production capacity. Our distributors around the world have done a fantastic job and we see that the presence is increasing in all regions. We would therefore like to thank all our suppliers, partners and customers for this year and the work effort put in by all!

We would like to inform you that Emeta will be closed for business between the 24th december until the 4th of january. During the period 4-6 of january no deliveries will be made.

We proudly present the newest addition to our Heavy Duty Series with the brand new MA4101. This encoder is built to withstand usage in harsh environments. With new functions such as breathable membrane, double shafs seal, mechanical locking and extra sturdy bearings this is an encoder to rely on. The encoder is available in anodized aluminium or stainless steel AISI316 housing. The Series is suitable for application areas with high demands on reliability and durablity such as offshore, mining, cranes and others. For more information please see https://www.emeta.se/product/ma4101/?lang=en

We are always interested in expanding our partnership at Emeta Encoders AB. Together with our partners we provide our customers around the world with robust and reliable encoders and state-of-the-art service. Some of the advantages with our strategic partnerships are that we work with stable, reliable partners who work close to the customers locally in their region. All our partners are experts within their fields.

If you work with motion and position control and are interested in becoming a distributor, we would like to hear from you.

Regions we are looking to expand in are Germany, Spain, Italy and Malta.

Please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager for more information. Contacts below.

Daniel Zammit

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mobile: +46 (0)72 221 19 54

Email: daniel@emetaencoders.com

Dear Customers!

EMETA Encoders AB will close down for our annual summer holliday!

This year it will be held during week 29 to 31.

We wish all customers & other partners a nice holliday period and look forward to continue our cooperation in august!

With best regards

The EMETA team

EMETA introduce a contactless potentiometer with extended useable life!

To measure an absolute position on a rotary movement can absolute encoders be used. Such sensor has been offered by EMETA Encoders since many years. In measurement systems with lower grades of complexity may such motions also be detected and measured by analogue potentiometers. Such kind of sensors has historically not been offered by EMETA until now. In conjunction with the ELMIA Wood fair 2017 is EMETA launching its first family of contactless potentiometers with analogue interfaces. The series is called MP22.

Reliable magnetic scanning principle

On big advantage with the radiometric contactless potentiometer is its useable life. Compared with conventional potentiometers is the lifetime increased significantly. This is due to the fundamental design of the scanning principle. On a conventional potentiometer is the resistance alternated by mechanical contacts inside the potentiometer. Therefore subject to mechanical wear, On EMETA’s MP22 is the scanning done by two individual components. One rotating magnet and one separate pick up unit. Completely free from contact between each other and no bearings are used. The design of the magnetic part is available in many different shapes and types. Please contact us to find the most suitable arrangement for your application.

When the magnet rotate is the pick up unit detecting the induced alternating magnetic field. This is afterwards converted into an analogue voltage representing the angle position of the magnet. The electrical interface of the MP22-series is a simple voltage with 0..5 Vdc or 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc amplitude. The active angle over which the full scale output is generated is programmable upon manufacturing. The user’s simply need to specify which active angle their model should have. Range can be programmed between 5 to 360º. Please review the picture above to learn more about how the output of the MP22-potentiometer is designed.

Robust design for tough environments

The MP22-potentiometer is extremely robust thus with limited dimensions. Therefore may the sensor be used in very space limited applications. Such as integrated in industrial joysticks or other control equipment.

Read more about the new generation of contactless potentiometer MP22, our latest innovation!