Product introduction, MP22-series!

EMETA introduce a contactless potentiometer with extended useable life!

To measure an absolute position on a rotary movement can absolute encoders be used. Such sensor has been offered by EMETA Encoders since many years. In measurement systems with lower grades of complexity may such motions also be detected and measured by analogue potentiometers. Such kind of sensors has historically not been offered by EMETA until now. In conjunction with the ELMIA Wood fair 2017 is EMETA launching its first family of contactless potentiometers with analogue interfaces. The series is called MP22.

Reliable magnetic scanning principle

On big advantage with the radiometric contactless potentiometer is its useable life. Compared with conventional potentiometers is the lifetime increased significantly. This is due to the fundamental design of the scanning principle. On a conventional potentiometer is the resistance alternated by mechanical contacts inside the potentiometer. Therefore subject to mechanical wear, On EMETA’s MP22 is the scanning done by two individual components. One rotating magnet and one separate pick up unit. Completely free from contact between each other and no bearings are used. The design of the magnetic part is available in many different shapes and types. Please contact us to find the most suitable arrangement for your application.

When the magnet rotate is the pick up unit detecting the induced alternating magnetic field. This is afterwards converted into an analogue voltage representing the angle position of the magnet. The electrical interface of the MP22-series is a simple voltage with 0..5 Vdc or 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc amplitude. The active angle over which the full scale output is generated is programmable upon manufacturing. The user’s simply need to specify which active angle their model should have. Range can be programmed between 5 to 360º. Please review the picture above to learn more about how the output of the MP22-potentiometer is designed.

Robust design for tough environments

The MP22-potentiometer is extremely robust thus with limited dimensions. Therefore may the sensor be used in very space limited applications. Such as integrated in industrial joysticks or other control equipment.

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